The Fengtech company in I4F

For more than 10 years Fengtech has been providing solutions to benefit from solar thermal energy

Fengtech STE System

The Fengtech system is a high performance solar thermal device offering an innovative approach to the capture, storage and use of this energy. Its optimal application is deployed in calf rearing (feeding) or dairy cow rearing (milk sterilisation/pasteurisation, equipment cleaning) for its ETF 1 model; the ETF 2 pressure version allows the heating of agricultural greenhouses or pig buildings.

At the moment, more than thirty installations have been set up on farms in the North-West of France, mainly in calf and dairy farming, 1 for heating pig farm buildings and 1 for greenhouses.

6 Fengtech technologies have been patented: the solar fence with integrated curtain overheating control, solar fence with aerothermal and geothermal energy, Fengtech Eco Thermo system, solar fence with integrated absorption and adsorption device, future solar storage tank and future vacuum tubes.

The following sections will provide you with the information you are looking for about technical description, operation, equipment inventory and technical specifications.

For more information about the solar thermal technologies provided by the Fengtech company, do not hesitate to visit its website: Fengtech Website