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You are an installer and you are seeking for advices about next generation of STE systems to better set it up and perform its maintenance ?

Opportunity for Installers & Distributors

Do you have farming customers with high hot water consumption throughout the year? Either to feed their livestock (calf rearing), to heat their buildings (greenhouse, pig rearing…) or to use it in their production process (dairy cow rearing for cleaning with on-farm processing)?

In a context of rising fossil fuel prices and pressure to reduce GHG emissions, your customers will be looking for new solutions to reduce their electricity, gas or fuel oil bills?

Solar thermal power plants can be the ideal solution to reduce their fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The new generation of solar thermal power plants optimises the heating of hot water, even in cloudy or changing climates. Thanks to their innovative design, solar thermal power plants have a real added value:

  • Increased solar radiation capture even on cloudy days
    • 45° inclined position increases the collection area from 4m² to 8m².
    • White surface on the ground allows more solar radiation to be captured as diffuse irradiation is reflected in the tubes
  • High performance vacuum tubes
    • Acts as an insulator in cold and windy conditions, withstanding 25mm of hail and 240°C overheating.
    • Covered on the inside with a specially selected coating, which increases the transformation of radiation into heat.
  • Integrated water storage maximises heat output
    • 250 L stainless steel tank for each unit specially designed to increase solar hot water stratification
    • 30 vacuum tubes with water as heat transfer fluid
  • Reuse of excess thermal energy

Excess heat on sunny days is dissipated and stored in the ground and will heat up the cold water during the next filling

  • Optimised heating process with modular design
    • Standard unit for preheated water
    • Parallel units for water heating and hot water storage ready for use
  • Easy Maintenance
    • Cleaning of white surfaces
    • Easy to replace tubes

These plants can supply at least 50% of your customers’ hot water needs and up to 70%, thus saving at least 50% of their fossil fuel consumption. Would you like to know more about these solar thermal power plants? Thanks to the ICaRE4Farms project, you will be able to benefit from training in the specific prerequisites and requirements for installing new generation solar thermal power plants. You will also be able to be part of the referents authorised to install this equipment and thus grow a network of installers of transnational and European scope.

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