You are a stakeholder with growing concern about the impact of agricultural energy consumption upon the environment and you are planning on investing in new sources of energy ?


In a context of accelerating climate change and pressure on fossil fuel prices, it is urgent to take the necessary measures to encourage the adoption of alternative solutions that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and our CO2 emissions.

The ICaRE4Farms project proposes a concrete solution for agricultural activities with high hot water consumption: the new generation solar thermal power plant.

Solar thermal power plants are the most efficient technical solution for heating large quantities of water using a renewable energy source. Unlike photovoltaic panels, which convert the sun’s rays into electricity that can be later used to heat water, the solar thermal plant uses the sun’s rays to directly heat the water inside the plant.

The new generation of solar thermal power plants optimises the collection of sunlight, the storage of sufficient hot water and the use, even in regions with a changing climate.

These plants can provide at least 50% of the hot water needs of farmers and even up to 70%, thus saving at least 50% of their fossil fuel consumption.

As people involved in a local ecosystem, it is important to be aware of these solutions in order to take adequate actions for the deployment and generalisation of environmentally friendly solar thermal solutions.

The ICaRE4Farms project aims to promote new generation solar thermal solutions and to inform decision-makers of the leverage available to encourage the use of renewable energies and reduce dependence on fossil fuels in your area.

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